The Arcane Relics™ Development

The Arcane Relics™ is a game that we’ve wanted to make for some time (with the initial idea formed back in 2009), codenamed, “The White Whale.” While working on our 4th prototype, we found that it had reached the level of fun and quality that we were striving for. In November 2014, this prototype evolved into what it is now, The Arcane Relics™! The game was greenlit on Steam, February 2016.

Below are links to various version roadmaps of what we loosely have planned, along with the essential tasks that we have set before each version’s release.
(NOTE: these lists are tentative, and will change with further development.)

  • Roadmap v0.1 (12/6/2016) - Last Updated: December 22, 2017 TASKS: Control changes. Throwing any equipped item in hands. Overhauled magic system. New areas. Player respawn in multiplayer. Traveling between/to most scenes, without portals. Reloading crossbow. Attribute requirements for equipment. Improved AI. Additional skill grid: Trades. Natural resource randomness. Simple random encounters. Offhanded directional attacks. Reduced damage with offhand and/or … Continue reading Roadmap v0.1
  • Roadmap v0.0.22 (1st PUBLIC DEMO) (7/30/2016) - Last Updated: March 26, 2017 Tasks: Independent split-screen menu navigation. NPC behavior overhaul (GOAP system). NPC dialog and bartering. Differing block effectivenesses based on equipment used (e.g. blocking with a shield vs. dagger). Abilities (Up quickslot). Preliminary Skill Groups: Arms, Arcane, & Cunning. Start of random encounters system. Horseback control overhaul. Couching lances on horseback. Trapped and … Continue reading Roadmap v0.0.22 (1st PUBLIC DEMO)