Apr. 23-29: Hit Animations

Jon: Hello, everyone! For this week, we’ve a little bit to show.

Hit Animations

I finally setup the attack directions/types to be passed with damage events. Thus:

Alright, I’ll make my own sandwich.

  • When struck, characters now play hit animations, leaning, based on the direction of the attack.
  • I’ve added a HUD for attack directions which you can see a preview of above (the floating arrow). Hopefully, this will help new players realize their attack types vary based on their movement direction. This will eventually be optional in settings.

“You shall not pass!”

  • We’ve also started adding block hit animations for weapons.

We’re working on a number of different things right now, which we’ll reveal once we get farther along.  They’re not quite ready yet…

Have a good one!

Apr. 16-22: Sky’s The Limit

Jon: Hello, there! Here’s some of what we’ve accomplished this past week.


We have setup a new skybox where we can manually tweak colors throughout the day cycle. The default Unity skybox didn’t quite capture some of the colors we were aiming for.

Some results so far. (WIP)


Heftables are now setup to damage what they hit by velocity. This allows mages to whack opponents with a crate, while using Telekinesis.

We have also started experimenting with character hefting! Here’s a little preview of it:

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • The game’s standard currency is now silver. Gold will be a much rarer item that is not only heavier, but worth a lot more, than standard silver coins.
  • Water Cave start point has been moved out of the water.
  • Loading screen now displays target scene name.
  • NPCs now vocalize when detecting a pickpocket.
  • The last scene you were playing in is now saved. You should no longer begin every play session in the HUB.

We are still working on that secret I mentioned a few posts back. 😀

Stay tuned.

Apr. 9-15: Braziers

Andrew: Greetings this Easter weekend!  Here’s what we have to show:

New Braziers

We added some new props with functionality! The braziers can be lit, if you are carrying a torch.


The retexturing continues. I also tweaked the handle positions/rotations of the scythe, to be properly animated in the future.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the desktop scroll wheel from zooming in/out all players’ views. Now it will ignore the views of all players who are using a controller.
  • Reflection probes update immediately on start of a new scene & passing the time when sleeping.
  • Setup sleeping to heal characters relative to the time passed, including the options of sleeping until morning/night.
  • Since updating to Unity (v5.6) seems to have fixed the lefty attack bugs, we’ve setup NPCs to be able to be lefty again!
  • NPCs will sheathe their weapon when they’ve lost track of their target, and draw their weapon once locating one.
  • Fixed a bug that would result in horses having much lower health than they should have.

Until next time.