Oct. 1-14: Dalwood Grows

Andrew: Hello! For the last two weeks-


Continuing work from the previous weeks, Dalwood has grown in size. Now there’s a transition to the forest from a scene other than the Town.

Lower right: a view towards where the old edge of forest was (by sign signifying that you will “reach the edge of the world!”). Upper left: leads to pond area at lower left.

Topdown view comparing previous forest borders with new.

Alas, currently the forest doesn’t quite have the magical feel I’d hoped for… Therefore in the next version, one of the things I want/plan to do is to overhaul/redo the trees (particularly the oak & maple), making them taller & larger (adding variations, and some unique trees & roots). This, among other things planned, might do the trick. 😉

Magical Cast FX

It’s magically delicious!

The catalysts (staffs, magic stone, etc) now emit new particles. This makes casting magic feel a whole lot better.

Misc. Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Horses can now trample/damage characters that you run into or jump on top of. WIP.
  • Dialog improvements, adding more NPC types and more variations.
  • You can no longer talk to aggravated NPCs. Previously, villagers who had a target could be talked to (even when attacking you).
  • AI pathing improvements: for one, if a target cannot be reached on the NavMesh, a nearby position is sampled.
  • Swapped some inputs to be sensed or occur on press/down instead of release, in order to make them more responsive.
  • Started redoing/improving the tunics (including chainmail ones, reducing crunching/etc).
  • Fixed some animation issues with spell casting.
  • Added a “Remove Player” button to in-game menu/settings.
  • Loading screen visual tweaks.
  • Fixed: doors and windows no longer open/close on scene start.
  • Continuing texture improvements & optimizations.
  • Edited credits & its appearance.
  • Additional bug fixes, that we’re not telling you about. 🙂

Jon continues working on bugs. 🐜

Happy weekend everyone!


Sep. 17-30: Sabaton Sabatoge

Jon: Hello, again. These past 2 weeks I’ve managed to get quite a few bugs. Andrew had to deal with a broken computer, which means this’ll be a short one.


The smell of defeat.

Before his computer pooped out, Andrew made some Sabatons! Along with expanding Dalwood, texture improvements, and some material optimizations.

Misc. Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Throwing weapons/projectiles now fly farther if performing a ‘power attack.’ (Held attack button)
  • Set the ‘default invert look y’ on a controller to false.
  • Setup incandescing weapon to display timer on cursor (radial bar).
  • Improvements to the Interact-Hold feature.
  • Any cause of ragdolling should now release a held heftable. Previously, only ragdoll by incapacitation would cause this.
  • Developed a system for caching mesh instances generated due to vertex color manipulation.
  • Fixed a bug where certain actions like rolling or attacking could still occur when ragdolled. This would cause your stamina to drain though no action would occur, and the animations would then suddenly play on ragdoll recover.
  • Fixed a bug where players would be stuck incapacitated, if incapacitated in a new scene after leaving the Grand Arena during a match.
  • Fixed horses always facing the same direction on start.
  • Fixed some issues with ragdolls falling into the failsafe trigger outside the map, shouldn’t get decapitated anymore… >:D
  • Unity Tip: After updating to the 2017 cycle of Unity, I noticed that performing a Teleroll would crash the game! After some forum browsing I discovered a hack to make it work again.  It seems a number of people have encountered issues with disabling an animator or deactivating the animator’s gameObject. The solution/hack that worked for me: use a coroutine that yields until the end of the current frame before the animator disable/deactivate.

Fortunately, the computer issue has been resolved and we should be able to get back to a better pace. Most of my tasks are getting down to bug fixes.

See you next month! 😀

Sep. 3 – 16: Raw Gems, Settings, & Roadmap

Jon: Howdy! Here’s the past 2 week’s progress:

Settings Progress

I’ve been continuing to plug away on the new settings systems and have got the majority of it setup. Here are some new options that will be available in the next release:

  • Attack HUD toggle (displays attack direction)
  • Camera offset amount
  • Default camera zoom – when toggling from 1st to 3rd-person, this will be the initial distance.

In addition to the previous graphical settings (Bloom, DoF, SSAO, etc.) there are some new graphical effects that can be turned on now. Most of these settings can now be toggled per player too!

  • Additional Graphical Effect Settings:
    • Greyscale
    • Anti-aliasing
    • Motion Blur

Certain graphical settings such as Realtime shadows are global, and cannot be edited per player – at least, for now…

Raw Gems

Andrew has made and setup raw gems that can be mined from certain sources.

WIP raw gems.

More collectibles to be sold for mediocre prices. 😛

Misc. Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Andrew has been working on expanding Dalwood along with a transition to the Water Cave.
  • Magic work:
    • Added spell fail chance, which decreases with corresponding Arcane skill.
    • Added 2 support spells for the Cleric’s Staff: Pacify & Dispel.
    • Spell nodes in magic HUD will ‘Gray out’ if you lack the stamina to cast.
  • Added lockpicking as a crime that guards detect.
  • Lockpicking speed now increases more gradually with Dexterity.
  • Hefting throws now scale with Strength.
  • Added props:
    • Bench – 2 seater
    • Long thin carpet.
  • Swapped potion bottle shader. It is now visible in menus.
  • Tweaked sky & fog colors when it’s raining. More desaturated and dark.
  • Fixed issue with height damage. This may have been the cause of seemingly random height damage at times.
  • Fixed additional limb objects (neck, feet, hands) from not clearing their vertex colors/injured effect when healed.
  • Added some additional loading screen messages.
  • Tweaked experience points for lockpicking and bartering.

We have also released the roadmap for this next version: Roadmap v0.1

We’re getting there, and are still shooting for December. Enjoy your weekend.