1st Public Demo Release!

Andrew: Greetings and good tidings! This week we’ve wrapped up testing and thus, our first public demo is here!

First, the trailer for the demo


You can download the demo here on indieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-arcane-relics/downloads.

Or, here on itch: niemi-bros.itch.io/the-arcane-relics. On itch, you are given the option to support us, by paying whatever amount you please. We also started a discussion board on itch, where you can easily provide us with feedback. We appreciate any contributions.

We didn’t get all the issues/bugs fixed that we wanted to, but, for the most part, we got the critical ones.

Now, with this release, we’re going to take a short break from daily development, a sort of limited vacation.

Enjoy the demo!


Nov 27-Dec 3: Inn & Video!

Andrew: Greetings! This week, among other things, we have a video! But first, this week’s progress:

New Building: Inn

This is the last building for the public demo!


Did you guess it?

The building includes:

  • 3 floors above ground, 1 below (basement)
  • Dining room (shown), kitchen, balcony (outside), & many rooms to rent*

* Not yet coded 😦

Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Books now fit more properly on bookshelves.
  • Screen fades! The screen now fades in/out when sleeping or entering/exiting an arena match.
  • A revised highlight system (the highlight around an object when looking at something operable). We’re going to try switching from deferred rendering to forward because of issues with transparent rendering (and this new highlight system from working properly). We were using deferred due to being able to utilize more light sources in a scene at once.
  • Bartering: when confirming a transaction, you’ll no longer hear the sounds of every bought & sold item, all at once. Now, you’ll hear just the gold jingle.

And, the Video – The 2nd Duel Of TAR Wars

Some magical abilities shown in this video (besides “incandesce weapon”):

  • Force
  • Fireball
  • Teleroll, a tentative title: where you seemingly warp a short distance and avoid nearly all damage (besides bomb blasts/etc).

Oh, and Jon continues to work on NPCs. 😀


July 31-Aug 5 : Hornet Trouble Video!

Andrew: Greetings on Friday! This week we’ve created a teaser video, showcasing hornets and the “fun” they can be. But first-

AI GOAL System

Jon has begun work on the new NPC GOAL System, here’s some notables so far:

  • Bats will temporarily flee when struck (and survive) or when a force is applied to them (by bombs/etc).
  • Chickens will do the same. Previously, certain attacks (eg. bats biting them) wouldn’t scare/startle the chickens into fleeing. In addition, they now play a startle animation before running for their lives! (Maybe you can see in the video?)
  • Chickens will meander all around when not threatened/fleeing.

Tavern Chandelier

A WIP wagon wheel chandelier for the tavern.

TAR_Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 3.09.00 PM

Zooming With Controllers

You can now zoom (or adjust your 3rd-person view distance) in/out while using a controller. You can do this, by holding in the view change button (Right Joystick) down and using Left Trigger/Right Trigger to zoom out/in respectively.

And The Video!

Enjoy! 🙂