Loss of a Great Man & Grandfather

Andrew: On March 6, we lost our beloved grandfather… He was very close to us and we miss him dearly.

We stopped work in mourning last week, and have only begun getting back into it. It will be slower trekking for a while.

He would’ve wanted us to go on with what we are passionate about, and that is what we will do nevertheless.


Welcome to The Arcane Relics™

Andrew: Welcome! This is where Jon and I will be posting updates of our progress and any news of the game. The Arcane Relics™ is a project and idea that we have been working on, more as a hobby, since 2009. Previously, it has been titled “The White Whale.” In working on the 4th prototype (since November 2014), we found that it has reached the level of fun and quality that we were striving for. Thus, the official project begins!

Stay tuned.