Roadmap v0.0.22 (1st PUBLIC DEMO)

Last Updated: March 26, 2017


Independent split-screen menu navigation
NPC behavior overhaul (GOAP system)
NPC dialog and bartering
Differing block effectivenesses based on equipment used (e.g. blocking with a shield vs. dagger)
Abilities (Up quickslot)
Preliminary Skill Groups: Arms, Arcane, & Cunning
Start of random encounters system
Horseback control overhaul
Couching lances on horseback
Trapped and locked containers
Audio Overhaul
Redo rain, so it doesn’t rain indoors
Directional attacks while unarmed
Additional town buildings
New areas
More equipment
Improved equipment placement
More ingredients for alchemy
Playground scene overhaul
New props
Bug fixes: always in progress :/
Next Iteration of Character Faces (Eyeballs)

  • Complete/Sufficient for this version
  • In-Progress
  • Delayed