We’ve Been Greenlit!

Andrew: We’re happy to announce that The Arcane Relics™ has been greenlit on Steam! We’d like to thank everyone for all the votes, feedback, and support in making this happen.


Now we work towards our next goal, getting the game ready for an Early Access release!


Week of Feb. 14-20 : Two Hands, One Item, & Town Entrance

Jon: For this week, I started off with code cleanup and getting the input overhaul functioning and then continued working on dual-wielding. Here’s the breakdown:

• Input overhaul now functional (pretty much nothing new on the surface, but a necessary improvement):

The primary purposes for this implementation was to have better support for stacked menus and easier support for adding different inputs, since we are still designing some of the controls. For menus, simply pressing the menu button (escape/gamepad start) should close each menu layer starting from the top. Previously, I was doing sort of a swapping system where nothing overlaid but traded places. This was much more tedious and inputs would carry out of menus if not delayed, for example attacking after clicking a ‘done’ button.

-Fixed bug as a result:

-When looting containers the correct menu is selected at first (loot inventory). Previously, the first time opening the menu would always fail and select your own inventory menu. It was a minor inconvenience that would start to become more of a nuisance the more sessions you’d play.

•  Dual-wielding progress:

-Finally setup equipping of only one item per hand.

-While wielding a 2-handed weapon, you cannot use items equipped in the opposite hand. The other item will be considered idle or hidden, although it can easily be used by swapping the 2-handed weapon to a one-handed weapon or nothing. An example of this in action would be a shield placed on your back.

TAR Hidden item preview

-For feedback, item slots with an idle/hidden item will be shaded darker to let you know that although it may be equipped, it is currently unusable.

TAR_quickslot hidden item

Quickslot display: Unusable Bombs & Usable Claymore

• Andrew’s progress on the Town entrance:



 • Misc improvements & bug fixes:

-New NPCs now have a chance to be lefty.

-Opening & closing books now plays open/close sounds correctly.

-Console now returns to the previous timescale the game was running at when closed. When the game is paused, with F8, entering and exiting the console will keep the game paused.

-Player ragdoll camera pop seems to be fixed. Before, a player recovering from ragdoll would cause a single frame camera pop sometimes.

Until next time.

Week of Feb 7-13 : The Start of Many Things

Andrew: Greetings everyone! This week, we began many things-

• First off, I’ve started the Town Entrance Gates, and here’s a preview:


This includes some buildings within (all WIP), most importantly the stables! There’s also a stable boy house (so the groomer can live right close by to their job, without the housing worries). A couple of other smaller buildings also are planned but haven’t been started as of yet.

• Next, Jon’s work on bug-fixing & behind the scene improvements:

-Overhauling input system, to eventually allow for multiple stacks of menus and to make input actions more flexible. Complications have arose with the addition of dual-wielding, which brought this to our attention.

-Fixed dominant hand cripples dropping the first alphabetically equipped item rather than what was equipped in that hand.

-Quickslots now update when equipping items in the inventory screen and when dropping an item that is in either slot.

-Weapon attacks now take into account the actual weapon’s stamina amount used in each hand instead of the weapon that was swapped to last. Previously equipping a Claymore and then swapping to a potion in the other hand, would allow you to attack with ridiculous ease using the Claymore!

-Setup the All-Item chest in the Playground to actually acquire all items from the item database, unlike before.

-Setup preliminary Grass footstep sounds, instead of just playing the dirt ones.

And in conclusion, we leave you with some screenshots:

TAR_Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.23.54 AM

TAR_Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.28.00 AM
TAR_Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 4.47.05 PM