Sep. 3 – 16: Raw Gems, Settings, & Roadmap

Jon: Howdy! Here’s the past 2 week’s progress:

Settings Progress

I’ve been continuing to plug away on the new settings systems and have got the majority of it setup. Here are some new options that will be available in the next release:

  • Attack HUD toggle (displays attack direction)
  • Camera offset amount
  • Default camera zoom – when toggling from 1st to 3rd-person, this will be the initial distance.

In addition to the previous graphical settings (Bloom, DoF, SSAO, etc.) there are some new graphical effects that can be turned on now. Most of these settings can now be toggled per player too!

  • Additional Graphical Effect Settings:
    • Greyscale
    • Anti-aliasing
    • Motion Blur

Certain graphical settings such as Realtime shadows are global, and cannot be edited per player – at least, for now…

Raw Gems

Andrew has made and setup raw gems that can be mined from certain sources.

WIP raw gems.

More collectibles to be sold for mediocre prices. 😛

Misc. Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Andrew has been working on expanding Dalwood along with a transition to the Water Cave.
  • Magic work:
    • Added spell fail chance, which decreases with corresponding Arcane skill.
    • Added 2 support spells for the Cleric’s Staff: Pacify & Dispel.
    • Spell nodes in magic HUD will ‘Gray out’ if you lack the stamina to cast.
  • Added lockpicking as a crime that guards detect.
  • Lockpicking speed now increases more gradually with Dexterity.
  • Hefting throws now scale with Strength.
  • Added props:
    • Bench – 2 seater
    • Long thin carpet.
  • Swapped potion bottle shader. It is now visible in menus.
  • Tweaked sky & fog colors when it’s raining. More desaturated and dark.
  • Fixed issue with height damage. This may have been the cause of seemingly random height damage at times.
  • Fixed additional limb objects (neck, feet, hands) from not clearing their vertex colors/injured effect when healed.
  • Added some additional loading screen messages.
  • Tweaked experience points for lockpicking and bartering.

We have also released the roadmap for this next version: Roadmap v0.1

We’re getting there, and are still shooting for December. Enjoy your weekend.


Aug. 20 – Sep. 2: Coif & Crime

Jon: Despite our silence last weekend, we have been working away! I started working on revising settings, but got stuck and jumped to other things.

We decided to upgrade the project to the newest Unity version, 2017.1. We took some time these past weeks to resolve some issues encountered when updating and still have a few left to deal with. Nonetheless, here’s some notable things we’ve accomplished:


Another headwear option. A cozy coif.



Since freedom of action is something we want to keep in the game, we are working on punishment for crimes. Here’s the start:


I’ve begun working on having guards detect crimes. Currently, when they detect a crime they will become hostile towards the criminal. Guards identify the following as crimes:

  • Pickpocketing
  • Assault
  • Damaging certain property (windows & some doors)

Currently, they aren’t very perceptive and they don’t patrol around, so there’s a lot of work to be done. There are also a lot of other things that I still need to code as crimes, but this is a start.

Misc. Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Added a quick drop button for dropping selected item in inventory (weapon draw/sheathe button), finally! 😮
  • Failing to heft, due to insufficient Strength, now restricts movement for the entire animation.
  • Added gems:

Gem shader & meshes courtesy of Unity Technologies 😀

  • Lantern has been textured:

  • Inn roof and chimney progress:

  • Overhauled added effects system:
    • Fixed bug where fire effects (sound & particles) would remain on weapon hits after incandesce effect ran out.
    • Steam sound will play again when refilling the incandesce effect, not just when you start it.
    • Added support for multiple weapon effects at once.
  • Worked on magic systems:
    • Got sound FX back in for various spells that were lost since the start of the new system (post public demo).
    • Setup summoned bats and hornets to not attack each other if they share the same master/summoner. They will also loosely follow their master/summoner if there are no available targets to pursue.
    • Various additional bug fixes & improvements to the new magic system.
  • Worked on balancing leveling up/experience points gained.
  • Worked on optimizing some UI menus, splitting UI elements into multiple canvases.
  • Cleaned up some old scenes that are no longer in use and just bloating file size.
  • Fixed incorrect physic material on Apothecary foundation, now Stone.
  • Fixed some UVs of stairs in Arena spectator buildings and the Clothier building in Town.
  • Various material optimizations & improvements, including tunic & pants.
  • Female mesh tweaks.
  • Continued assigning missed entity common names on various operable props.
  • Added a surprise to the garderobes… 🙂

We have begun working on the roadmap for this version’s release and we’ll make it publicly available soon. So far, we are on track for releasing this version by the end of this year.

Stay tuned & enjoy your weekend!

July 23-29: New Helm & Gravekeeper’s House

Andrew: How’s everybody doing? This week of development:

New Helm: Sallet

This is the next helmet to make an appearance in Terradim. It also opens, as seen above, when your weapon is sheathed.

Gravekeeper’s House

The next building is found in the Graveyard. It will be the home of the Gravekeeper.

Bug Fixes & Misc Improvements
  • Added damage multipliers for crippled limbs & offhand attacks, so they apply less damage.
  • Fixing certain damage multipliers not resetting after/between attacks. For example, if you hit someone’s head and then attacked a crate/barrel, you’d still apply the same damage multiplier, as if hitting its imaginary head.
  • More armor texture tweaks & polish.
  • Created a mirrored Cottage Door, replacing some of those awkward doors that open into one another. Also swapped out some for AI purposes, reducing NPCs from getting stuck, and giving them easier passage.
  • Added some ambient bird sounds to certain scenes during the day. At night, they are replaced by crickets.

Jon continues working on the character customization.

Until next time.