May 21-27: Botanical Shop

Jon: Hello! We’ve got some stuff done this week. Have a look:

Next Building

Here’s the next building to sprout in Terradim! It will have something to do with plants…

Looks like a seedy part of town.

Includes new additions:

  • Vines
  • Plant pot
  • Counter shelves


When traversing dangerous areas, or outside of sandbox mode, players will now have the option to respawn after a countdown, if another player is unable or unwilling to save them.

Eventually, we plan to add a penalty for respawning.

Help me…

We’ve also added some more wiggling controls when incapacitated, to make the wait more enjoyable.

Reviving another player without an item will no longer grant a full recovery. Items like the Revive Potion will be much more effective. The amount of Revive potency in an item will determine how effective it is, unlike before.


Have a good weekend and a happy Memorial Day!

May 7-20: Control Changes

Jon: Hello, everyone. We have been silent last week, but have been working away, nonetheless.

Here’s what we have to show you for the past 2 weeks:

Control Changes

After quite a bit of testing, getting some feedback from players, and re-evaluating some of our designs we have made some control changes. Basically, sprinting has been moved, attacks are now on the triggers/R2&L2, and the previous magic button has been removed.

(PS/XBox Controllers)

  • L2/LT = left hand attack/use, previously sprint
  • R2/RT = right hand attack/use
  • L1/LB = block (same)
  • R1/RB = To be revealed 🙂
  • O/B = Roll (Tap), Sprint (Hold)

Holding the roll button (O/B) on a controller will now be sprint as opposed to L2/LB. One issue that has delayed this change, was the limitation of not being able to easily look around while sprinting, since we only have one right thumb. The solution: sprinting will continue as long as the move joy remains forward, allowing you to release the sprint button and still continue sprinting. This also frees up the right thumb allowing you to look while sprinting. Sprinting backwards is still possible as long as the sprint button remains held. We figure the inability to freely look around while sprinting backwards is a reasonable compromise.

This new sprint system frees up L2/LB which allows each side (L2/LB & R2/RB) to correspond to each hand! This opens up other possibilities which have limited us before. We will delve into those another day.

We have also removed the ability/up quickslot as we are working on a better magic system. Based on the amount of spells we’d like the player to be able to use, toggling through them on a single quickslot is not ideal.

New Magic System Preview

The new magic system is still very much WIP, but is functioning. It is much more intuitive than the previous system. Here’s the basics:

  • A catalyst is now required to cast spells, such as a Wizard Staff.
  • Currently, the spells you can cast are dependent on the type of catalyst.
  • While holding the attack button (button corresponding to which hand the catalyst is in), your spell selection menu will be visible.
  • As the menu is visible you can press the corresponding action buttons to select what to cast. Nested combinations will result in more powerful magic.

  • In the process we have added some new casting animations: cast charge/select, casting (constant), & a one shot cast.
  • The catalyst/staff will also emit light based on the current spell chosen.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Added a Hoe.

Let’s dance!

  • Added a ready unarmed stance.
  • Updated project to Unity 5.6.1
  • Continued setting up proper names for items and actors. So items intersecting your cursor won’t display the default name in Unity, such as ‘Mace (Clone)’
  • Fixed a shader error after updating to 5.6, not an issue in the public demo (v0.0.22).
  • Brushed up textures of wooden stool & shallow wall shelf.

Take care!

Apr. 23-29: Hit Animations

Jon: Hello, everyone! For this week, we’ve a little bit to show.

Hit Animations

I finally setup the attack directions/types to be passed with damage events. Thus:

Alright, I’ll make my own sandwich.

  • When struck, characters now play hit animations, leaning, based on the direction of the attack.
  • I’ve added a HUD for attack directions which you can see a preview of above (the floating arrow). Hopefully, this will help new players realize their attack types vary based on their movement direction. This will eventually be optional in settings.

“You shall not pass!”

  • We’ve also started adding block hit animations for weapons.

We’re working on a number of different things right now, which we’ll reveal once we get farther along.  They’re not quite ready yet…

Have a good one!