Oct. 22-28: Catacombs

Andrew: Hello again ghosts and ghouls! We have two things (hinted at for a while) to reveal this Halloween update, a new area along with a new scary enemy. Let’s get to it-

Catacombs & Zombies


You’ll find the Catacombs entrance in the Town Graveyard. Within, you’ll find a new enemy, zombies!

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • NPCs now have new dialog greetings when you have low health.
  • There’s now lilies and lily-pads:

  • Continuing texture improvements & optimizations (which you’ll see in the game, in just over a month/two hopefully). 🙂
  • Tweaked some particle & magic FX.
  • Fixed bugs with GOAP replanning & NPC’s enemy sensor.
  • Female equip armor & tunic improvements (fitting more properly, looking better).
  • Reworked Gambesons & Robes to fit underneath armor.

On another note, we surpassed 5000 SVN commits as of this morning! And, you guessed it, Jon continues working on bugs… 🐜

Have a Happy Halloween this Tuesday!


Oct. 15-21: Cleric Staff

Andrew: Greetings! This week of development, we’ve continued with polish & bug fixing/hunting. Nevertheless, we have some new additions to the game:

Cleric Staff

He’s no cleric!?

Another magic catalyst.

Coif Under Helms


This fixes hair clipping with helms.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Homestead Window: I finally got the window encased. It is operable, as seen in the gif below-

  • Shop Ledgers: a nice aesthetic addition to shops.

  • Texture improvements & optimizations.
  • [Fixed] Faster tree climbing (holding the sprint button) now consumes more stamina than normal climbing.
  • In the Loading Screen,  click-to-continue changes color when input is sensed.

That’s it. Have a good one!

Oct. 1-14: Dalwood Grows

Andrew: Hello! For the last two weeks-


Continuing work from the previous weeks, Dalwood has grown in size. Now there’s a transition to the forest from a scene other than the Town.

Lower right: a view towards where the old edge of forest was (by sign signifying that you will “reach the edge of the world!”). Upper left: leads to pond area at lower left.

Topdown view comparing previous forest borders with new.

Alas, currently the forest doesn’t quite have the magical feel I’d hoped for… Therefore in the next version, one of the things I want/plan to do is to overhaul/redo the trees (particularly the oak & maple), making them taller & larger (adding variations, and some unique trees & roots). This, among other things planned, might do the trick. 😉

Magical Cast FX

It’s magically delicious!

The catalysts (staffs, magic stone, etc) now emit new particles. This makes casting magic feel a whole lot better.

Misc. Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Horses can now trample/damage characters that you run into or jump on top of. WIP.
  • Dialog improvements, adding more NPC types and more variations.
  • You can no longer talk to aggravated NPCs. Previously, villagers who had a target could be talked to (even when attacking you).
  • AI pathing improvements: for one, if a target cannot be reached on the NavMesh, a nearby position is sampled.
  • Swapped some inputs to be sensed or occur on press/down instead of release, in order to make them more responsive.
  • Started redoing/improving the tunics (including chainmail ones, reducing crunching/etc).
  • Fixed some animation issues with spell casting.
  • Added a “Remove Player” button to in-game menu/settings.
  • Loading screen visual tweaks.
  • Fixed: doors and windows no longer open/close on scene start.
  • Continuing texture improvements & optimizations.
  • Edited credits & its appearance.
  • Additional bug fixes, that we’re not telling you about. 🙂

Jon continues working on bugs. 🐜

Happy weekend everyone!