May’s Progress: Difficulties

Andrew: Hello! It’s been a while. Honestly this month, I’ve been working much more on our other game, currently in the works. Nevertheless, here’s our “massive” May development update-

Widening Building Walls: 1st Up Smithy

I’ve been working on polishing the Blacksmith/Smithy building, while also widening its walls, adding more depth. This should help with weapons, character heads (when leaning over), and horses from peaking through walls. It also seems to make it easier to jump up into windows, since the colliders have more depth, therefore you don’t get caught in them or bumped out. Once this is complete, I plan to move on and do the same with the other previously made buildings.

Programming Stuff

Jon has continued working on things mentioned in the last post (mostly XML data stuff) and code-cleaning.

One notable fix, the torso lean when attacking up/down will persist throughout an entire attack (no matter the weapon). Previously it was a set duration, so with larger weapons the torso lean would end before the swing would even begin. This allows you to properly attack things above or below you, eg. power-attacking a chest with a battle axe should be a lot less frustrating. Also, the torso lean now uses interpolation, thus should no longer pop into rotation.

Setback in Shaders

Since upgrading to the new Unity (2018…) some of our shaders haven’t worked quite the same. This is possibly because we’re new to shaders and don’t all know what we’re doing as of yet… Suffice to say, the water no longer has that nice beveled edge, and the lava shader just doesn’t work (rendering white right now). But we’re working on it.

Other Difficulties

There’s been other odd occurrences of collider gaps — that I’ve discovered since upgrading — as if holes go right through the geometry in certain locations… This seems to span across multiple model files, not just tied to any one in particular. The town scene is notably the worse scene experiencing this, if not the only, which makes it even more odd. This might be related to the issues some players have reported, where you’d fall through the ground.

Until next time!


February’s Progress: Castle Beginnings

Andrew: Hello everyone, here’s our development progress for the month of February:

Castle Preview

(WIP. Battlements still needed atop round stair towers)

Preliminary view of the Great Hall

The Town Castle is coming along, but is quite sparse at the moment. The layout of rooms, although not quite historical (not that we were going for that), is basically complete.

  • Water: Jon has added fading alpha to the water shader with the fog distance.

  • Glass: I’ve been delving into shader coding, creating a “simple” glass shader with distortions similarly to the water shader, so there’s only one glass object per pane. Previously, there was one for glass & one for refraction.
  • Grass: Jon has also been experimenting with parting/interactive foliage shader. Currently, grass/ferns/etc will bulge & bend when player one moves into/nearby.

Programming update: Jon continues to work on programming himself into corners. 🙂 He’s been working on AI, and an improved encounter system.

And we’ll leave you with this:

Marvel at what this entails…

Also, we may or may not be working on a small side project…

Until next month. 🙂

v0.1 Demo Release!

Andrew: Seasons greetings! Good news, we wrapped up the major bugs/etc for this version, v0.1, and it’s now available for download!

Download The Update

You can download the update either on-


Or here on-

Don’t forget, on you have the option to donate. 😉

Any help will be much appreciated.

And, we leave you with a quick trailer

With this release, we’ll be taking a break from TAR. Maybe we’ll actually take a vacation this time.

We’ll say it again, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year too everyone! Enjoy the demo! 😀