Apr. 30-May 6: Sprinting Ahead

Andrew: Hello on this rainy Saturday!

Here’s what we’ve been up to during this week of development:


It’s a nice touch, if I might say so myself. 🙂

Now the camera’s field oview (FOV) increases while you’re sprinting. It really makes you feel faster than you really are, and provides you with feedback when consuming Stamina.


WIP. I’m probably going to redo them again anyway.

Retexturing of Props

They look a lil’ bit better.

Improving shelves. And those UVs are my problem.

Misc Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Torches & shields in both hands! You can equip either in either hand. 😀
  • The letter ‘E’ is no longer menu confirm on the desktop. This allows you to type a character’s name with an ‘e’ in the character creation.
  • Lessened the weight of quarterstaff a bit.

And We Leave You With a Lil’ Preview

That’s a-wonderful. Ciao.

Apr. 9-15: Braziers

Andrew: Greetings this Easter weekend!  Here’s what we have to show:

New Braziers

We added some new props with functionality! The braziers can be lit, if you are carrying a torch.


The retexturing continues. I also tweaked the handle positions/rotations of the scythe, to be properly animated in the future.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the desktop scroll wheel from zooming in/out all players’ views. Now it will ignore the views of all players who are using a controller.
  • Reflection probes update immediately on start of a new scene & passing the time when sleeping.
  • Setup sleeping to heal characters relative to the time passed, including the options of sleeping until morning/night.
  • Since updating to Unity (v5.6) seems to have fixed the lefty attack bugs, we’ve setup NPCs to be able to be lefty again!
  • NPCs will sheathe their weapon when they’ve lost track of their target, and draw their weapon once locating one.
  • Fixed a bug that would result in horses having much lower health than they should have.

Until next time.

1st Public Demo Release!

Andrew: Greetings and good tidings! This week we’ve wrapped up testing and thus, our first public demo is here!

First, the trailer for the demo


You can download the demo here on indieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-arcane-relics/downloads.

Or, here on itch: niemi-bros.itch.io/the-arcane-relics. On itch, you are given the option to support us, by paying whatever amount you please. We also started a discussion board on itch, where you can easily provide us with feedback. We appreciate any contributions.

We didn’t get all the issues/bugs fixed that we wanted to, but, for the most part, we got the critical ones.

Now, with this release, we’re going to take a short break from daily development, a sort of limited vacation.

Enjoy the demo!