June 25-July 1: Hound’s Hood

Andrew: Greetings! We were helping build a garage as well as building The Arcane Relics this week. Here’s the progress seen in Terradim:

New Helm: Hounskull Bascinet

You dirty dog, you. 😉

The helmet opens and closes similarly to the Close Helm. It is still WIP.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Improved animation scaling with movement speeds, most noticeable while crouching.
  • Head-look has been improved, possibly fixing the bug where characters would oddly look to the side at no apparent target.
  • Added ‘xp popups’ to console commands, to help us test/balance XP gained.
  • Pause inventory offset has returned:
  • Sky horizon, fog, & cloud gradients have been tweaked.

That’s all for this week. Have a happy 4th of July!

June 18-24: Clouds

Andrew: Hello on this Saturday. This week of development, on my part, has been mostly optimizing buildings & materials, to improve Town performance. Nevertheless, here’s some of the things we worked on:

Next Clouds Iteration

I’ve also been messing around with redoing the clouds. They look a bit better and aren’t as flat looking as the previous ones (in the public demo). The biggest improvement is that they no longer take fog – fixing issues with fog rendering on top of clouds, encountered after upgrading Unity to v5.6.

Misc Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Wooden chair is now textured:
  • [Retraction] Gold is back as the primary currency in Terradim, despite mentioning a few posts back that we were switching it to silver. We found that having a second item for currency (also coined), just made it more confusing, less intuitive, and, frankly, not as classic. Additionally, the color of gold draws your eye, since it’s a less common color within the game.
  • Optimized various materials, removing unneeded details and creating better main texture maps, improving appearance anyway.
  • Optimized more buildings in Town, improving performance.
  • Persuasion skill now affects bartering prices.
  • Chandelier, in Tavern, improvements: 

Until next time.

May 28-June 3: Clothier

Andrew: Hey everyone, this week:

A New Building: Clothier

What’s going on in there?

Clothe thyself!

I encountered some troubles with the lightmaps (while contemplating whether it’s worth it at times, due to how poorly it runs on our mid-2012 computers), but here’s the next addition to the Town. It also includes:

  • Clothing Stands (which currently just equips random clothing items)
  • Dye Shelves (why dye today?)

Some Town Improvements

I decided to replace the placeholder building there, by the archway, with a wall (fenced in on top), where there’s now stairs up in the back. Before, it clipped through the nearby residential building behind the tree.

Movement Speeds

Jon has worked on movement speeds (among other things), decreasing the impact of burden upon your sprint. I’m sure he’ll tell you more later. 🙂

That’s all for this week.