v0.1 Demo Release!

Andrew: Seasons greetings! Good news, we wrapped up the major bugs/etc for this version, v0.1, and it’s now available for download!

Download The Update

You can download the update either on-

IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-arcane-relics/downloads

Or here on-

Itch.io: https://niemi-bros.itch.io/the-arcane-relics

Don’t forget, on Itch.io you have the option to donate. 😉

Any help will be much appreciated.

And, we leave you with a quick trailer

With this release, we’ll be taking a break from TAR. Maybe we’ll actually take a vacation this time.

We’ll say it again, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year too everyone! Enjoy the demo! 😀


v0.1 Getting Closer & TAR Wars III Video

Andrew: Hello everyone. It’s been a bit of time since our last post, but we’ve been toiling away nevertheless. A lot of things, recently, have been polishing & bug fixing, which wouldn’t be that exciting for posts (other than the upcoming release).  We still plan to release v0.1 this month, this year in other words, but there’s a few more bugs to iron out.

Here’s something to hold you over until release – the third video of TAR Wars:

(Pay no attention to the cursor…)

Happy Holidays! We hope to have this version completed within the coming weeks, whether all bug-hunting goes well or not. 🙂

Oct. 22-28: Catacombs

Andrew: Hello again ghosts and ghouls! We have two things (hinted at for a while) to reveal this Halloween update, a new area along with a new scary enemy. Let’s get to it-

Catacombs & Zombies


You’ll find the Catacombs entrance in the Town Graveyard. Within, you’ll find a new enemy, zombies!

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • NPCs now have new dialog greetings when you have low health.
  • There’s now lilies and lily-pads:

  • Continuing texture improvements & optimizations (which you’ll see in the game, in just over a month/two hopefully). 🙂
  • Tweaked some particle & magic FX.
  • Fixed bugs with GOAP replanning & NPC’s enemy sensor.
  • Female equip armor & tunic improvements (fitting more properly, looking better).
  • Reworked Gambesons & Robes to fit underneath armor.

On another note, we surpassed 5000 SVN commits as of this morning! And, you guessed it, Jon continues working on bugs… 🐜

Have a Happy Halloween this Tuesday!