Aug. 6-19: Hammer Time!

Andrew: Hello! For these past two weeks of development, here’s what we’ve accomplished:

New Weapons

3 new weapons, first pass.

I’ve been hammering out 3 new weapons this week: wooden hammer, war hammer, & ball mace.

Cooking Pot Fireplace Swivel

The swivel is operable, swiveling out as its name implies. This will have greater use later.

Revised Party Setup

Jon has made progress on character creation, now in the player/party setup screen. A new user/character can now be made right in this screen, while other players are selecting their characters (how convenient!). It is still WIP.

Misc. Improvements

  • Improved textures of: single bed, firebowls, & bunkbeds.
  • Added a setup/config file (.ini).
  • Setup local warps in the Arena around the Inner Walls.
  • Tweaked & added loading messages.
  • Setup quickslot toggle to ignore weapon choices that you cannot use (e.g. “insufficient strength”/etc).
  • Quite a few miscellaneous bug fixes…

Have a good weekend!


July 23-29: New Helm & Gravekeeper’s House

Andrew: How’s everybody doing? This week of development:

New Helm: Sallet

This is the next helmet to make an appearance in Terradim. It also opens, as seen above, when your weapon is sheathed.

Gravekeeper’s House

The next building is found in the Graveyard. It will be the home of the Gravekeeper.

Bug Fixes & Misc Improvements
  • Added damage multipliers for crippled limbs & offhand attacks, so they apply less damage.
  • Fixing certain damage multipliers not resetting after/between attacks. For example, if you hit someone’s head and then attacked a crate/barrel, you’d still apply the same damage multiplier, as if hitting its imaginary head.
  • More armor texture tweaks & polish.
  • Created a mirrored Cottage Door, replacing some of those awkward doors that open into one another. Also swapped out some for AI purposes, reducing NPCs from getting stuck, and giving them easier passage.
  • Added some ambient bird sounds to certain scenes during the day. At night, they are replaced by crickets.

Jon continues working on the character customization.

Until next time.

July 16-22: Mirror

Andrew: Greetings this weekend. We’re still working on the things from last week… Nevertheless, here’s some of our progress:

Mirror/Character Customization

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…”

By interacting with the mirror on the wall, you can now customize your character appearance. This is WIP and not all of it works yet…

Once this is working, the next step will be setting this up in the Player/Party Setup scene, when creating new characters.

Arena Exterior Progress

The exterior of the Arena is WIP, started last week. Although you can travel between it and the Upper Town, not everything is complete nor are all the entrance rooms made.

That wraps up this post. Have a good weekend, everyone!