TAR ManIn The Arcane Relics™, you are cast into the land of Terradim – a land full of wonder, mystery, & great danger. Assume the role of any type of character you wish in this wacky fantasy-medieval sandbox experience, featuring 4-player split-screen mayhem!

The game features strategic combat where hits can be placed on specific limbs, crippling them, and characters are limited in action via stamina. This prevents hacking with heavy weapons or blocking every attack with a dagger. Armor pieces also slow down the wearer and only protect the limbs that they cover.

Last Updated: Oct 1, 2016

This game is in a pre-alpha state, currently containing these features:

• Local/Couch Co-op (with up to 4 local players)

• Strategic combat: directional attacks (chop, thrust, overhead, & backhand), landing attacks on specific limbs and crippling them (hindering opponent), blocking, & dodging (rolling/crouching).


• Equip armor pieces to protect your individual limbs from harm, weighing protection vs. mobility.

• Create your own character: choosing your hairstyle, gender, starting attributes, & even your dominant hand! Lefties rejoice!

• Become great: grow your character with experience & increase your attributes to greatness!

• Inventory system: equip weapons/apparel, consume potions, drop items, & take/store items in containers.

• Abilities/magic: telekinesis, force push, summoning, and more!

• Ridable mounts: horses and people! Ride into battle on your friend’s shoulders!

• A selection of items to choose from, including: Hood with liripipe, bombs, Great helm, Potion of Greatness, Quarterstaff, Claymore, & more!

• Interactivity: Pickup and throw crates & barrels, sit in chairs, lay in bed, climb trees, place or take torches from wall mounts, & more!

• The game view can also be adjusted, playing in first-person or third.

• In development, more to come!

The end goal of this project is to make a dynamic fantasy sandbox with hand-crafted environments and an emphasis on cooperative multiplayer.

The Developers

me.1  Jonathan – The Artist, who programs

The Artist, who doesn’t program – Andrew