July 30 – Aug 5: Swinging Away

Jon: Hello, there. This past week I’ve been continuing to work away on the revised character creation. It’s getting there…

This will be a short one, but we do have some things we can mention!

Misc. Improvements/Bug Fixes


  • Setup offhanded attacks with a weapon. Now you can actually use directional attacks with your offhand, similarly to when unarmed, instead of always using that little poke.
  • Fixed an elusive bug where events in the game’s global event manager would not fire in the expected order. This could cause all sorts of issues.
  • Tweaked normal maps for men.


Andrew has started working on the Cookshop and added some other goodies nearby. Here’s a preview:

After the reworked character creation is complete, the next big thing, for me, will be tackling settings. There are a number of changes and additions we want to make and the way the code is now, it’s not very flexible.

Have a good one.


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