July 9-15: Starry Night

Jon: Hello, again! Guess what? This week we’ve got some more things to show you:

Seeing Stars

Night skies are now filled with stars.

NPCs Opening Doors

NPCs have gained the ability to open doors! This makes things a little more interesting while being pursued, especially in town.

  • NPCs will open a door that’s closed, if they can.
  • If the door is locked and the lock is on their side, they’ll simply unlock it. If they’re locked out, they’ll attempt to smash it with their bare-hands! Definitely, WIP.

There are still a few issues that pop up from time-to-time. Such as doors that open towards them. These can push the NPCs aside and cause them to get stuck temporarily. Nonetheless, it’s still an improvement from before!

Texture Improvements

Andrew has been working on improving some textures. Above, is some of them.

I’m currently working on updating the player setup scene. The goal is to allow players to create new characters right in there, instead of having to do it from the title screen.

Andrew is working on making the exterior of the Arena. This will lead to scene transitions that seem more connected than before. You’ll be able to leave the Arena from where you came in, not having to hunt for inconveniently placed warp pads.

Until next time.


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