July 2-8: Archer Hat

Jon: Hi, there! Here’s the week’s progress:

Archer Hat

Comes in a variety of tints, not shown here.

Misc. Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Pickpocketing:
    • Being detected while pickpocketing an NPC will cause them to get hostile. The inventory menu will also immediately close as well.
    • Items will no longer transfer if the pickpocket was unsuccessful.
  • Magic:
    • Started experimenting with magic chants for magic in the Spelling school.
    • Added a projectile healing spell.
  • UI:
    • Menu navigation in the Book screen should no longer highlight the inventory buttons that reside behind.
    • Got a popup, “How Many?” menu functioning (still WIP) when dropping items. Still need to get it set up for bartering/placing/taking items out of containers.
  • Tavern:
    • Started new NPC, Tavernkeeper.
    • New wood texture.

Is that cherry?

  • Made the dialog response/loading screen title text style easier to read (Increased contrast between outline and font).
  • Added an ’empty’ item action for crossbow, so the loaded bolt can be removed after.
  • Continued assigning entity common names: Items are complete, I think.

Have a good weekend.


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