June 25-July 1: Hound’s Hood

Andrew: Greetings! We were helping build a garage as well as building The Arcane Relics this week. Here’s the progress seen in Terradim:

New Helm: Hounskull Bascinet

You dirty dog, you. 😉

The helmet opens and closes similarly to the Close Helm. It is still WIP.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Improved animation scaling with movement speeds, most noticeable while crouching.
  • Head-look has been improved, possibly fixing the bug where characters would oddly look to the side at no apparent target.
  • Added ‘xp popups’ to console commands, to help us test/balance XP gained.
  • Pause inventory offset has returned:
  • Sky horizon, fog, & cloud gradients have been tweaked.

That’s all for this week. Have a happy 4th of July!


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