June 18-24: Clouds

Andrew: Hello on this Saturday. This week of development, on my part, has been mostly optimizing buildings & materials, to improve Town performance. Nevertheless, here’s some of the things we worked on:

Next Clouds Iteration

I’ve also been messing around with redoing the clouds. They look a bit better and aren’t as flat looking as the previous ones (in the public demo). The biggest improvement is that they no longer take fog – fixing issues with fog rendering on top of clouds, encountered after upgrading Unity to v5.6.

Misc Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Wooden chair is now textured:
  • [Retraction] Gold is back as the primary currency in Terradim, despite mentioning a few posts back that we were switching it to silver. We found that having a second item for currency (also coined), just made it more confusing, less intuitive, and, frankly, not as classic. Additionally, the color of gold draws your eye, since it’s a less common color within the game.
  • Optimized various materials, removing unneeded details and creating better main texture maps, improving appearance anyway.
  • Optimized more buildings in Town, improving performance.
  • Persuasion skill now affects bartering prices.
  • Chandelier, in Tavern, improvements: 

Until next time.


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