May 21-27: Botanical Shop

Jon: Hello! We’ve got some stuff done this week. Have a look:

Next Building

Here’s the next building to sprout in Terradim! It will have something to do with plants…

Looks like a seedy part of town.

Includes new additions:

  • Vines
  • Plant pot
  • Counter shelves


When traversing dangerous areas, or outside of sandbox mode, players will now have the option to respawn after a countdown, if another player is unable or unwilling to save them.

Eventually, we plan to add a penalty for respawning.

Help me…

We’ve also added some more wiggling controls when incapacitated, to make the wait more enjoyable.

Reviving another player without an item will no longer grant a full recovery. Items like the Revive Potion will be much more effective. The amount of Revive potency in an item will determine how effective it is, unlike before.


Have a good weekend and a happy Memorial Day!


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