Apr. 9-15: Braziers

Andrew: Greetings this Easter weekend!  Here’s what we have to show:

New Braziers

We added some new props with functionality! The braziers can be lit, if you are carrying a torch.


The retexturing continues. I also tweaked the handle positions/rotations of the scythe, to be properly animated in the future.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the desktop scroll wheel from zooming in/out all players’ views. Now it will ignore the views of all players who are using a controller.
  • Reflection probes update immediately on start of a new scene & passing the time when sleeping.
  • Setup sleeping to heal characters relative to the time passed, including the options of sleeping until morning/night.
  • Since updating to Unity (v5.6) seems to have fixed the lefty attack bugs, we’ve setup NPCs to be able to be lefty again!
  • NPCs will sheathe their weapon when they’ve lost track of their target, and draw their weapon once locating one.
  • Fixed a bug that would result in horses having much lower health than they should have.

Until next time.


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