Mar. 27-Apr. 1: Ragdoll Improvements

Jon: Hello! This past week we’ve decided to work, despite saying that we were going to take a break… Maybe we’ll take a break once we get our hands on a Switch. 😀

Anyway, the majority of the work I’ve been doing is cleaning up old code, & uprooting hacks that I had to put in place to make the demo deadline. Here’s some notable changes:

Ragdoll Improvements

This would pop you underground pretty consistently before…

  • Ragdoll recovery transitions are now smoother. There used to be some really awkward transitions when getting up. Sometimes the character would flip upside down along with  a noticeable camera pop.
  • The 180º flip as you are getting up, has possibly been fixed. It occurs a lot less frequently, if at all, anyway.
  • Ragdoll getup interruptions work better. Previously, if you knocked someone down as they were getting up (transitioning from ragdoll-state to normal) they would sometimes get stuck standing, even if they were incapacitated.
  • Previously, if you were thrown up a hill, you’d many times be sucked down underground. Turns out I was casting the ray from the original character height, not the ragdoll’s height.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Fixed incorrect scaling of the credits panel. It was only noticeable in certain resolutions.
  • Newly generated guest characters can now be female. Gender is selected randomly.
  • Generated appearance of a guest character now saves, unlike before.

We have also started working on some new interesting things that we are going to keep a secret for now. 😀

Stay tuned.


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