March 5-11: Getting Closer…

Jon: Hello there,

I am continuing to hunt for bugs and chipping away at the last of my tasks. I’m hoping to get through my list by next month… Even if there’re still some issues, we may decide to release the demo then, anyway. 😀

This will be a pre-alpha demo after all.

Character Creation

I have spent some time this past week working on the revised Character Creation menu. It was one of the oldest menus I initially setup, so it has much room for improvement.

It looks a ‘lil bit better.

I fixed some issues with menu navigation and added an effect where the character flies in from out of view when swapping gender (which helps hide the T-Pose as a new character instance is being created). 😀

This menu may change a bit more before the public demo, as it is still a WIP.  I still have to get eye color selecting functional and fit the text for each option into the panels better.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some menu navigation issues in addition to the Character Creation screen. Popup dialog windows now immediately highlight first button & selections are constrained within them, while they’re open.
  • Dialog responses now have a scrollbar if options are greater than the view can display.
  • Camera will no longer zoom in, or target the middle point, between player and chat target if in first-person view and initiating dialog.
  • First-Person image when wearing certain helms is now less obstructive.
  • Fixed incorrect dismount points for bunk beds. You should no longer get stuck within them, when exiting.
  • Fixed a game-breaking bug when trying to head mount a pumpkin man.
  • Improved NPC ranged targeting a bit. They will turn towards you before throwing/firing their weapon.
  • Fixed glowing objects, at night, in title screen.
  • Tweaked Back Lantern light intensity & range.
  • New quarterstaff poke animation. (WIP)
  • Grand Arena polish & mesh improvements.
  • Increased max splat decal count.

In closing, screenshots!

A bustling tavern.

Have a good one.


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