Feb 26-Mar 4: Graveyard Revealed

Andrew: Hello again.

This last week, I’ve made great progress on the new area. Consequently, here it is:

Town Graveyard





This scene, you’ve been dying to see, is accessed from the Town.  All the graves are new props, and this is the last area planned to be made before the first public demo. Now it’s just about polishing the areas up a bit.

Misc Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed jump-roll bug. If you jump & roll in the air, the camera will no longer get stuck down lower, as if crouching.
  • Cave dwellers/Ruffians in the cave, now carry light sources (such as torches).
  • Newly created player characters now start with clothes… It’s about time! 😀
  • You can no longer jump into other players’ select panels in the Player Setup scene, fixing bug.
  • Moved spawn positions inside walls for bats in Water Cave.
  • Fixed bug where hitting limbs with specific pieces of armor (with no assigned armor hit sound definition), wouldn’t make a sound. They will now play the normal material hit sounds (whether wood/metal/etc).
  • Setup villagers to return to their original position, if they’re far enough from it and not occupied by a more prominent goal.
  • Setup text to highlight on radio selection buttons, if selected (e.g. pause menu tabs/pages: inventory, abilities, status, etc).
  • Horse now stops on scene-load/start, to prevent the immediate galloping into another portal/warp.
  • Replaced old white placeholder buildings with ones that actually have textures: wooden trim corners, plaster walls, & hay roofs.

That wraps up this week. Until next time.


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