Feb 19-25: Dalwood Revealed

Andrew: Hello everyone,

We’ve been working away on various tasks. Fortunately, we do have a few things to show for it:

Dalwood Revealed



The preliminary forest, down river from the Town, is getting close to complete for the first public demo. Of course, the full forest will encompass a lot larger area than what will be playable in the first public demo.

I’ve also started another area, which I will reveal later (once it is farther along).


Notice the old ones in the background.


“What’s wrong? Come a little closer.”

Jon, besides programming, has worked on these individually UV’d & textured (instead of cubic mapped) stone structures, with the addition of some greenery at the base.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Main camera will no longer hit the “fail-safe trigger.”
  • Torso look is now reduced when climbing a tree or sleeping.
  • Now when a GOAP agent is forced to re-plan, the previous running goal action will be cleaned/exited correctly. Essentially, it fixes the chicken squirming animation, when thrown, to properly end.

Jon has also continued working on the “avatar” system from last week, and polishing up menus & scenes, such as the Character Creation (which is seeing some much needed improvement before the demo’s release).  As I said previously, Jon will explain the “avatar” system – as I dare not touch it.

Have a good week everyone!


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