Feb 12-18: Polishing Menus & New Horizons

Andrew: Greetings, this week consisted of largely tidying things up, bug fixes, and polish. Nevertheless, here’s what we have to show you:

Items In Player-Select Menu


Now in the Player-Select menu, when you select a profile/character, their equipment will appear as last saved.

Distant Horizons


Focusing on making areas into more believable environments and adding distant areas along the horizon, there are now mountain ranges off in the distance.

Misc Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed issue where animation states would reset after a tele-roll.
  • Z’s particle now emits evenly for all sleepers (if max particle count is not met…).
  • When incapacitated, the revive effect should now work properly when consuming alchemical results.
  • Continued assigning new font style templates in menus, including: inventory, ability, repair, & alchemy panels.

Jon has been working on a new “avatar” system, which allows for more flexibility in creating varied character types and enemies.  He’ll tell you more once it is farther along.

Until next time.


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