Jan. 29 – Feb. 4: Birch Trees, Believe It Or Not

Jon: Howdy! Let’s get right to it.

Birch Tree

A new type of tree has sprouted in Terradim!


(WIP) Especially the bark.

Andrew has created and began placing them about.

At the moment, it is not climbable like the maples or cone. We’ll have to improve our climbing system, adding support for curved/angular trunks, to allow this to happen.

Damage Bug Fixing

There are a lot of calculations that occur when damage is inflicted, especially on another humanoid/thing that can get crippled limbs. For the past few weeks, I worked on improving the damage logging, which led to many damage bug fixes.


Yes, I round up. 🙂

I found that arm damage multipliers were higher than they should’ve been (x0.9) and the bonus damage of hitting a crippled limb wasn’t working correctly.

Blocking per damage type is now working… So far. This allows damage types, such as fire, to still deliver higher percentages of damage compared to bludgeon and piercing while blocking.

I do believe the ‘blocking various damage types based on blocking item’ task is complete now.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Started setting up Font Style Templates, to ease the pain of tweaking UI Elements. Instead of going through all prefabs to change font values, all prefabs are set to use a font style template, allowing just the one asset to be edited and all will update.
  • Improved UVs for the Homestead cottage, wooden parts.
  • Added next iteration of Arena Battle music, now using sampled instruments.
  • In setup scene, users can now only select a user profile that has not already been chosen by another player. Also, an exiting player now resets their chosen profile to ‘guest.’ The user text display, unlike before, will now  show this.
  • Warp sounds are back in for stepping on scene transition warp pads. Level load now has a slight delay to allow the sound to trigger.
  • Fixed elusive bug that would cause an additional rogue player to join in setup scene. Reproduced by the following: In setup scene – P1 joins. P2 joins. P1 Leaves. P1 rejoins, & lastly P2 presses ‘confirm’ button. Another player (P3) is added that was also controlled by P2!
  • Fixed audio bug when multiple players enter/exit a reverb audio zone simultaneously causing only one player’s reverb zone to update.

We’re getting there! Have a good one.


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