Jan 15-28: Folded Items & New Textures

Andrew: Hello!

For the last 2 weeks of development, we’ve completed some things:

Shields & Loin Cloth Retextured


The shields have been retextured for the Public Demo!


The loin cloth belt item received a much needed texturing, since it basically had no texture (only a simple AO & solid color). WIP.


A preview of some of these items equipped.

Folded Clothes Items


Clothes items are now folded up, instead of being solid upright sitting t-poses or standing pants, like the following:


Those be some stiff pants!

Stone Pedestals


New pedestals found in the Water Cave hint at its secrets.

 Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • New checkered floor tiles now grace the bottom 2 floors of Inns.
  • Added a countdown in the player setup scene if all players are ready. Game will begin after countdown if no player cancels their ready status.
  • You can now only place apparel, and a few other miscellaneous items, onto Armor Stands – not just any item.
  • Items placed on an Armor Stand are now automatically equipped.
  • Chickens now emit feathers when startled.
  • Liquid splat decal shader changed. They will no longer glow in shadows on a sunny day.
  • Fixed bug where your cursor would no longer function after being ejected from an incapacitated horse.
  • Fixed animation bug when entering water while riding a horse. Sitting/mounting animations now supersede swim animations.
  • Fixed bug where you’d pop into walls when dismounting, especially from horseback.
  • Fixed NPCs not attacking after being revived with a Revive Potion.
  • You can now zoom in & out your camera view while incapacitated or in dialog.
  • Mouse scroll wheel input for zooming is now restricted when in ‘response mode’ in dialog.
  • Fixed some issues with the player input assigning HUD in the setup scene.
  • Ragdolling in water improvements:
    • Ragdolls now update their drag, in addition to gravity when entering water.
    • Ragdolls can now repeatedly enter and exit water. Previously being blown out of the water, a ragdolling character would retain the “space-like gravity event” through the air, until the failsafe timer was met (as you could never be grounded).
    • Ragdolls are no longer sucked to the ground when recovering in water.

That is all, back to development we go!


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