Dec 11-17: Scrolls For Abilities

Andrew: Hello everyone. After spending most of our day today snow shoveling, now it’s time for a post. What we were up to this week, includes-

New Shelves & Scrolls


We thought it was a bit cheesy having only primitive cubes & spheres for acquiring abilities in the public demo, so we made some quick scrolls to solve this. And now they appear on these diagonal shelves.

Hurt Frame Improvement

Looks pretty good for a 32×32 texture 🙂

We got a lot of feedback about how the previous hurt frame was obstructive, which came way into the center view. We came to find it annoying ourselves, especially when you had low health – as the opacity increases and remains – but we still wanted to keep the additional feedback for when damaged or being close to death. Therefore, we changed it to the simple smaller outer frame as shown above and saved some texture memory in the process.

Audio: Music Ducking

The audio overhaul continues! There’s now layered music tracks: basic, weather (rain), interrupt (battle), & musical accent. Thus:

  • Musical accents (such as leveling up) cause all other music tracks to duck and to fade back in, after they have finished.
  • Rain overrides the basic music. That cheery town music didn’t seem to set the right mood when it rained.
  • The different layers can change, even if they’re not playing. This fixes some bugs in resuming wrong music clips (thus returning the track to rain instead of the town tune after a battle).

 Misc Improvements
  • Combatant NPCs now cleanup after an arena match.
  • Optimization: added more LOD (level of detail) to various objects in game.

That wraps up this post. Have a good week everyone!


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