Dec. 4-10: Highlighting Lock & Berry Picking

Jon: Hi everyone-

This past week I decided to take a break from working on the NPCs. However, I did manage to get lockpicking functional.


You can now attempt to pick locks on doors or containers if you possess a lockpick. To lockpick, equip a lockpick and simply hold the ‘attack button’ while looking at the locked object. The radial meter will fill on your cursor and once full you will either succeed (picking the lock) or fail (breaking your pick).


Lockpicking experience points will be rewarded whether you succeed or not, however failing will reward less. Dexterity increases the speed the radial meter fills but your Lockpick skill determines your chances of succeeding. So you can be a very slow but skilled picker, or vice versa.


New consumables: blueberries, strawberries, and acorns. As well as the new strawberry and blueberry plants. Oak trees, which have already been present for a while, will now drop acorns.



We wanted to get in some more ingredients that can be used for alchemy and we plan to make a few more before the public demo.

Deferred Rendering

Last week we mentioned that we were planning to try out Forward rendering for a while. Well, after weighing the pros and cons, we found that we are sticking with Deferred rendering. We are using many dynamic, non-baked, lights, which Deferred handles much better than Forward, and think it’s vital to the design and look of the game. We also have found some workarounds and made some compromises for other issues we were having with Deferred rendering, like the outline around objects intersecting a player’s cursor.

Outlines around objects intersecting a player’s cursor will now be visible to all players. Previously, what highlighted for you would not be visible to other players. Alas, the system I was using created new materials and memory leaks, so good riddance. In Forward rendering, I was able to hide the outline per view with the new system but can’t seem to get that working in Deferred. So we have decided to have outlines visible to all players! Have a look:

It’s kinda nice to see what other players are looking at.

We’ve set the normal cursor and the object outline to tint to the player’s color, which is based on their ID (e.g. Player 1, 2, etc.) to hopefully make it clearer whether it’s your highlight or not.

If you’re interested in the differences between the two rendering paths a quick search of “Forward vs. Deferred rendering” would give you many results, but here are a couple of links anyway:–gamedev-12342

Misc Improvements
  • Added a console command, ‘condition damage’, which makes items flash a solid red when taking condition damage.
  • Adjusted Water Cave ambient light to make the dark areas more blue.

Have a good weekend.


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