Nov 27-Dec 3: Inn & Video!

Andrew: Greetings! This week, among other things, we have a video! But first, this week’s progress:

New Building: Inn

This is the last building for the public demo!


Did you guess it?

The building includes:

  • 3 floors above ground, 1 below (basement)
  • Dining room (shown), kitchen, balcony (outside), & many rooms to rent*

* Not yet coded 😦

Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Books now fit more properly on bookshelves.
  • Screen fades! The screen now fades in/out when sleeping or entering/exiting an arena match.
  • A revised highlight system (the highlight around an object when looking at something operable). We’re going to try switching from deferred rendering to forward because of issues with transparent rendering (and this new highlight system from working properly). We were using deferred due to being able to utilize more light sources in a scene at once.
  • Bartering: when confirming a transaction, you’ll no longer hear the sounds of every bought & sold item, all at once. Now, you’ll hear just the gold jingle.

And, the Video – The 2nd Duel Of TAR Wars

Some magical abilities shown in this video (besides “incandesce weapon”):

  • Force
  • Fireball
  • Teleroll, a tentative title: where you seemingly warp a short distance and avoid nearly all damage (besides bomb blasts/etc).

Oh, and Jon continues to work on NPCs. 😀



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