Nov. 13-26: NPC & Town Progress

Jon: Hello, hello. We were quiet last week, so now we’ll fill you in on what we’ve been working on. 😀

NPC Progress

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on numerous improvements to NPC characters – primarily a more flexible goal system. Some notables so far:

  • NPC pushing now works correctly! Previously, pushing an NPC would cause them to play an animation, however they would not actually move…
  • Made a more flexible system for determining what an NPC says in dialog. We began by adding a condition check for whether the player is wearing pants. Right now, it’s a simple check for pants, which doesn’t account for robes or other items that would cover enough.

Well, It’s nice to hear you say something different…

I am continuing to work on the NPC goal system. It’s coming along, though slowly. I have the behaviors from before working with the new system, with a few minor issues, and want to add additional goodies such as NPCs using ranged weapons or picking up nearby weapons if they are unarmed.

Newest Building (WIP)

Andrew has been working away on the next Town building. Here’s a preview:


Can you guess what building this is going to be?

There will be at least 2 of these buildings within the Town.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes

Classic medieval props.

  • First pass of some new props: hanging sheet/cloth, flour sacks
  • New ability: Fireball
  • Setup the ability for a player to join the game using mouse and keyboard in combination with other players using controllers! The UI popup will display a mouse icon as opposed to the gamepad icon when joining with desktop input.
  • Since the overhaul of the player setup screen a while back, using only keyboard & mouse would not allow you to add a player and select a saved character profile – this has been resolved.
  • Dialog can now be exited with the ‘menu button.’
  • Abilities can no longer be learned twice.

Until next time.


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