Oct 23-29 : Spooky Post

Andrew: Hello ghosts and ghouls! Here are some spooky things and more for this week-


A preview of the female wizard’s/witch’s robe, broom (new equip-able weapon), and cauldron (to eventually be used for alchemy in the future). The broom uses the same stances & attacks as the quarterstaff for now.



The cauldron shown in another view, closer up. Currently it is inside the apothecary building.

Equipping Improvements


Equipped items/weapons now go on their proper sides based on which hand they are equipped in, when sheathed.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Setup a sleep cursor icon when looking at a bed/resting place.
  • You can now sleep in a hay pile.
  • Improved selection of blocking/defending items. Now when using two of the same weapons (dual-wielding), it’ll select the offhand weapon for defense.
  • Fixed quickslots to now update when their corresponding item’s amount changes.
  • Rabbits now make a little squeak when hurt/killed… D:
  • Weapon hit lights now change color to match the glow of your weapon (if incandescent). In addition, there’s a new subtle light that emits from incandescent weapons.
  • Fixed bug where an empty slot would appear when items of the same type merge (e.g. results from an alchemy blend or finishing a transaction).

And, Sneak Peek…

What’s coming for you…!?

Jon also started overhauling horseback controls! We will reveal more later.

Have a happy & safe Halloween everyone!


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