Oct. 9-15 : Hay Fever

Jon: Hey, hey, hey!

This past week we did manage to get some things done despite losing a few days due to a cold… Here’s what we’ve accomplished-

Pitchfork & Hay


The pitchfork is an equippable weapon, later to be used as a tool (once it’s coded).


Preview of a very-much WIP Robe.

Beginnings of Traps

The basic trap systems have been started! Certain containers can now be trapped. When opening a trapped container, the trap will be triggered with an audible click sound as warning. Currently, the only trap is the bomb trap, which throws a bomb out at you. There will be others in the future.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Horses now have 2 seats! That’s convenient.

The 1st mounter becomes the ‘driver.’

  • Player setup screen now displays the name of the input device tied to your user, e.g. Playstation 3 Controller
  • Tree climbing improvements: trees no longer have to be rotated facing directly upward, they can be rotated and the character will match the angle. Climbable trees still must be pretty straight, though.
  • Fixed a sneaky bug that would cause level load to fail from the player setup scene. Adding a player, removing that player, then adding one back and beginning the play session, would produce this error.
  • Fixed bug in the new player setup scene where player’s selection cursors would not initially tint correctly and would appear for players that hadn’t joined/didn’t exist yet.



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