Oct 2-8 : New Building Revealed, Smithy!

Andrew: Greetings everyone! Here’s what we have for this week-

Blacksmith Building


This is the newest building (WIP) that has been worked on for some time now. Finally, it is polished enough for eyes to gander.

Some things present:

  • Blacksmith’s forge (bellows & anvil)
  • Shop area (with some preliminary armor stands & weapon racks placed)
  • Kitchen (just a stool, shelves, & an opening to the forge as of now)

On a side note: you can destroy your shoes rapidly by running around in the forge, though, currently, not taking any damage yourself.

Barrels Redone


Reworked some barrel textures. Specular map still has yet to be done (on the metal rings especially).

Bugs Fixes & Misc Improvements
  • Female tunic & chainmail tunic both fit underneath armor pieces more properly now.
  • Changed the way character motors handle mounting, resulting in these fixes:
    • Potions & bombs will now hit a player on a mount (e.g.: chairs, beds, horses/etc).
    • You can now jump on another player’s head & mount them (climb on their shoulders) while they are mounted (in a chair/horse/etc).
    • Possibly fixed a bug that occurred while galloping on a horse, where the horse would push the rider.
  • Fixed certain sounds failing to play, after quitting a play session and starting another.
  • New male greeting clips (when starting a conversation).
  • Jon has tidied up some menu number displays, implementing a string lookup system for floats that clamps the decimals to two points (no more, “0.000001” of a pound).
  • Optimization: wooden chairs use box colliders instead of mesh.

That wraps this one up. Until next time!


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