Sep 18-24 : Tree Climbing

Andrew: Greetings! In contemplating some additional ways to get at those hornets’ nests, we’ve implemented a new feature this week.  So let’s get to it-

Tree Climbing
He climbs like a monkey!

He climbs like a monkey!

You can now climb trees to your delight. It’s quite funny seeing a knight in full armor climb a tree.

Some notables of tree climbing:

  • To climb, simply jump into a thinner tree (maple/cone) while facing towards it.
  • While mounted on a tree, your Stamina will recharge at half the speed, if still, and will be consumed when shimmying – even if you’re not holding the sprint button.
  • You can also walk & jump around on the branches.
  • In the future, we plan to add some sort of Dexterity prerequisite for climbing trees.

Who’s that hiding in the tree?

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Reworked projectile positioning, so now you can throw objects out of a tree. Previously, the projectile would immediately hit the tree, since it would spawn just in front of where your character was facing.
  • There’s now feedback for failed spell-casting, purple smoke emits along with a sound.
  • Musical accent for acquiring new abilities!
  • Town improvements: more battlements, another square tower, and rock formations.
A little sneak peek of some.

A little sneak peek of some.

  • Town optimizations, running a bit better – now using Unity’s occlusion areas.
  • Animator optimizations: now using hash IDs instead of strings for referencing animator parameters.
  • Hot coal & water footstep effects – little flames from stepping on hot coal/burning surfaces or splashes emitting from your feet in shallow water.
  • You no longer swim as fast as you normally move around.
  • Fixed: rabbits should no longer make chicken sounds.

And we leave you with some screenshots from this week

tar_screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-6-19-30-pm tar_screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-3-27-44-pmtar_screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-2-39-44-pm

That’s all for this Saturday. Have a good week everyone!


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