Sep 11-17 : Town Wall Improvements & New Props

Andrew: Greetings this Saturday. We have many things in progress, but here’s what we have to show you this week:

Town Wall Improvements

Some improvements to the walls across the river from the Town, including the start of round peaked roof towers & more battlements about the walls.


Also, there’s now shells of the Square Guard Towers. Eventually, you’ll be able to go inside too.

New Props

How exciting!

New additions in props this week include: jug, sack, wicker basket, & wall shelves. You can loot sacks & wicker baskets, but jugs have to smashed to collect their contents.

Miscellaneous Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Player labels now show your character’s name instead of “Player 1.”

    Taken while playing with lower quality settings.

    Taken while playing with lower quality settings.

  • Summons no longer attack the summoner.
  • Improved warp placement when traveling between scenes.
  • The sun now interpolates its rotation smoothly, even though time progresses in increments. This makes the time passage when sleeping look a whole lot better.
  • Fixed a recently created bug, where the chair you are sitting in would warp with you when transported into an arena match.



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