Sept. 4-10 : War Cap & Cunning

Jon: Howdy, folks! Here’s what we’ve worked on for the past week:

War Cap

There’s a new sheriff in town.

Opening ClosE Helm

The Close Helm, from last week, now opens and closes based on you weapon ready stance. Drawing your weapon drops the visor and sheathing your weapon raises the visor. A nice little aesthetic.



Added the Cunning skill group, which currently contains the skills of Pickpocket, Lockpick, and Persuasion. There will most likely be more down the road but for the public demo, this will do.

I began implementing the basic Pickpocket skill use and experience point (xp) rewards. Pickpocketing has already been in the game, but now awards xp through use.

Misc Improvements


  • Fire bowls now have a refractive heat effect above them, if your graphic settings has refractions set ON, that is.
  • The larger windows are now destructible. (Tavern windows and the ones seen in the War Cap gif above)
  • More props in Town, fencing.


Bug Fixes
  • Negative armor effects, such as fire resistances when using wooden shields, no longer scale with the item’s condition, like positive effects.
  • Fixed an issue with the random Loot shuffling if there was only one possibility. An incorrect amount of the generated item would appear.

I’ve continued working on the Audio Manager overhaul from last week which is coming along, even though I’ve encountered quite a few issues. I’ll let you in on the details once I get the issues resolved. Stay tuned.

If anyone’s interested, we’ve also added a convenient way to look back at all of our previous Posts, showing our progress.


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