Aug 28-Sep 3 : Close Helm & Quarterstaff Attacks

Andrew: Hello, this week we have some things to show you-

The Close Helm


The newest helmet I made this week. It can be opened and closed. The plan is to have it opened when your weapon is sheathed and closed when drawn (with NPCs opening the helm too in dialogue).

Quarterstaff Attacks

These are the quarterstaff attacks, one per each direction. These are the regular non-power attacks for the weapon.




I need to work further on the poking animation – the attack while moving backwards.

 Audio Overhaul

Before, certain audio clips would cut out and not play their full length. Vocals for players, other than player one, wouldn’t be loud and clear, since their volumes were relative to player one’s position. Only if they were close by, would the vocals be heard. Also, audio effects (e.g. reverb zones) would only take into account player one’s position. There are additional issues with split-screen audio as well.

Jon has been working on overhauling the audio to address these issues.

  • A new spell, Incandesce Weapon, allows you to imbue your weapon with a magical blue heat – which has all the effects (good & bad) of normal incandescence when heating by fire, just blue.
  • Menu Navigation Improvements:
    • Setup a simple text entry system for controllers. The classic pressing up/down to swap the current character and left/right to navigate to the previous/next character.
    • Fixed mouse clicking sound effects to match gamepad clicks.
  • And now there’s a graphic in the status menu showing the current moon phase.

Until next time.


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