Aug 21-27 : Dialog Begins

Jon: Hello there,


This week, most of my time was spent working on the start of the NPC dialog system. This is a pre-requsite to being able to barter!


They don’t speak English very well, do they?


Besides Arms, we’ve continued to contemplate additional skill grid possibilities. With the start of Magic, we have decided on the next skill grid titled, Arcane. Now, using Magic will reward you with skill xp in the Arcane skill grid and allow you to level up.

Some skill UI improvements:

  • Highlighting/mousing over a skill button will display the skill name.
  • Clicking on the skill button will display a popup window with a description of the skill’s purpose.

    WIP, there will be more than 3.

    WIP, Arcane will have more than 3.

The next skill grid will most likely be Cunning, which will contain lockpicking and pickpocketing skills among others.


New weapon! Animations in progress.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 11.17.20 AM



Some small additions to sleeping:

  • Zzzs particle when resting
  • Snoring sounds

Have a good week!


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