Aug 14-20 : Magic Rumbles

Jon: Hey, everybody!

Do you BELIEVE in Magic?

One of our main goals for the public demo is to flesh out, at least, the very basic use for all 6 character attributes. Currently, Magic and Charisma are not very useful, but that will change! We have started working on Magic, which we labelled as the ‘Abilities (Up Quickslot)’ in our v0.0.22 Roadmap. Here’s some of what we’ve completed so far, all still WIP:

  • Telekinesis: The most enjoyable spell so far. Distantly move objects at your leisure. Currently, your Magic attribute will determine how far you can manipulate objects and how strong the spring/pull is.


  • Force: emits a radial force, pushing back certain things within its area of effect. NPCs do not currently push properly…
  • Summon: summon various critters/creatures to “aid” you. We have added summoning the delightful Blood Bat and a swarm of Angry Hornets. However, they will treat you no differently than anyone else…

We have made some other simple spells, such as Illuminate, which are useful but not that exciting to show. Some of the others are still in their early stages and need to be fleshed out a bit more.


Created a ‘Rumble Event’ that occurs when there’s a significant hit or noise, such as an explosion, which has led to these additions:

  • The camera will shake if near any rumble point. Now, weapon strikes will cause rumbles with greater power, the larger the weapon.
  • Significant rumbles, like a bomb blast, can knock a hornet’s nest out of a tree and cause small critters, like chickens, to flee.
  • If coerced, certain rock spires in the Water Cave can come crashing down!

Falling Spire

Misc Improvements


  • The moon now has a graphic, that can change with the phases.
  • Chainmail tunic plays jingle sounds with movement.
  • A new rock particle that emits when striking stone, and seen in the falling rock spire gif, but at a larger scale.
  • Minor menu navigation progress: Clicked back buttons will now only play the cancel/back menu sound as opposed to both the confirm and the cancel sound.
  • Changed potion pickup sound.

Take care, everyone!


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