Roadmap v0.0.22 (1st PUBLIC DEMO)

Last Updated: March 26, 2017

  • Independent split-screen menu navigation.
  • NPC behavior overhaul (GOAP system).
  • NPC dialog and bartering.
  • Differing block effectivenesses based on equipment used (e.g. blocking with a shield vs. dagger).
  • Abilities (Up quickslot).
  • Preliminary Skill Groups: Arms, Arcane, & Cunning.
  • Start of random encounters system.
  • Horseback control overhaul.
  • Couching lances on horseback.
  • Trapped and locked containers.
  • Lockpicking.
  • Audio Overhaul.
  • Redo rain, so it doesn’t rain indoors.
  • Directional attacks while unarmed.
  • Additional town buildings.
  • New areas.
  • More equipment.
  • Improved equipment placement.
  • More ingredients for alchemy.
  • Playground scene overhaul.
  • New props.
  • Bug fixes: always in progress :/
  • Next Iteration of Character Faces (Eyeballs).

  • Complete/Sufficient for this version
  • In-Progress
  • Delayed



4 thoughts on “Roadmap v0.0.22 (1st PUBLIC DEMO)

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