Progress (July 24-30) : Tavern

Jon: This week’s progress-


First pass of the next building, the tavern!


Stools are a new addition. Can you spot them?

 New Faces


New versions of the characters’ faces have been added. Now, they have separate eyeballs, not just textured on, with different specular values than the skin. This also means eyes no longer get tinted with skin tone!

Camera Offset


Setup a camera offset which has proved beneficial, especially when playing in zoomed-in views or if there’s an obstruction between your character and the camera. By default, the camera will now have a slight offset, but settings will be added to adjust, or even take away, the offset. The offset is also in the direction of your character’s dominant hand (e.g. the camera will shift slightly to the left if you’re lefty).

Menu Navigation Progress

Continued to work on menu navigation, getting the settings menus functional. This entailed setting up Slider and toggle button functionality with the new system. Also, mouse functionality is working again! The only current menu remaining is the Character Creation screen where I’ll have to implement a text entry system for controllers…

Wizard’s Hat 

Here’s a new item we’ve added, the wizard’s hat!


This also gives a little hint as to some other things we are working on.  🙂

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed looting fail: after exiting a game session, not quitting the application, then starting another session, and attempting to loot.
  • Fixed bug with team updating. Previously, if equipping the opposite color of the same item type that you are wearing, your team color would fail to update properly. To find the bug, I implemented player label tinting to match the team color your character is currently on.

In closing, here’s a screenshot! Showcasing the wizard’s hat and a view of some other new things in the town as well.

TAR_Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.10.35 PM

New things in the background!?


4 thoughts on “Progress (July 24-30) : Tavern

  1. Well, it depends on whether or not we complete everything on our list for this version. If we were to complete all tasks on there, it would probably be sometime next year. But, we may release it earlier – after we complete some of the major tasks. Depending on how soon we complete those, and barring any bugs/unexpected issues that may arise, we might release the demo sometime later this year. Nevertheless, you can play the latest version (the closed-demo, v0.0.21) if you’d like? It just lacks the recent features we’ve added (since July 2nd), like split-screen independent menu navigation.


  2. Where do I go to download the closed demo? Ive been looking EVERYWHERE for it. This game looks so much fun, and my friends will have so much fun! Thanks for replying.


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