Progress (July 3-16) : Towards the Public Demo

Jon: Hello!

Last week we finished up the next iteration of The Arcane Relics™ (v0.0.21) and sent out some closed demos! We are now working towards the next step, the public demo! After that, we are planning to release on Steam Greenlight’s Early Access program. We want to get the game to a certain point with most base mechanics in beforehand, though.

Independent Menu Navigation

This past week I have started working on one of the essential features for the public demo, independent menu navigation for all players. As some of you know, menu navigation has been shared between players up to this point. Currently, I’m working on the Title Screen and the Player Setup scenes and will soon be starting all the in-game menus (Inventory, Level up, Arena Bulletin, etc.). It’s actually coming along quicker than I thought it would be. 🙂


The Right joystick now spins your character around in this menu!

Some improvements with this new menu navigation system already include:

  • Cursor is more clearly visible. The cursor moves towards the next selection making it easier to spot and easier to see what direction your cursor is moving.
  • Scroll views will now follow the current selection. No longer will you have to navigate to the scrollbar and adjust it and then navigate back to the desired element inside.
  • Some older menus have been adjusted, and made a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

Other Stuff

Some new animations and a new carpet. (WIP)

BackHand2-H_Powerattack 01

Backhand1-H_Powerattack 01

PowerThrust2_HAttack 01

What’s that right foot doing!?

We’ve also started some other new exciting features, that we won’t disclose yet. 😉

Lastly, we are releasing the Development/Roadmap page on our site, showing a loose guideline as to when we will reach the next milestone, the public demo.

Take care, everyone!


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