Progress This Week (June 26 – July 2) : Pickaxe & Shoes

Andrew: This week, we’ve been mostly working on finishing up this version – which involves a lot of minor tweaks, testing, and bug-fixing. Nevertheless, here’s the progress:

Pickaxe & Shoes


  • Pickaxe: We’ve made a new item that can be used for things like mining, in the future, or as a weapon.
  • The shoes have finally been textured. Before they were more a solid brown color with AO. They now have light soles!

Bugfixes & Misc Improvements
  • Splat decals now fade away.
  • Fixed triangle of pants going through armor on legs.
  • Armor & weapon damage/armor values now tint and update based on condition in menu display.
  • Consumable effects now display similarly to weapon/armor values, with icons!
  • Town gate now plays chunky metal sound when opening/closing.
  • Possibly fixed projectile weapons from hitting the shooter/thrower (in testing, we haven’t had this occur again… so far).
  • Sparkles emit around a player when they level up.
  • Doors within Water Cave now open slower to match their opening sound.
  • Updated armor values, adding fire resistances & weaknesses.
  • You are no longer able to wear both colors in an arena match and still be included on a team (unlike before, where it would get the team of the last color equipment equipped). Also, it no longer removes you from all teams when un-equipping a colored equipment – while still wearing another color.
  • Went through and tweaked day/night cycle lighting and ambience/fog.
  • Bats & hornets no longer attack targets that are underwater.
  • NPCs will now attack those vicious Blood Bats.
  • All extremities color bloody, black & blue when injured.
  • Added emissive incandescence to pickaxe & short spear weapons.

And, a screenshot!

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 12.28.21 AM

To all fellow Americans, have a happy Independence Day! And to everyone else, have a happy Independence Day too! 🙂


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