Progress (June 19-25) : Hornets!?

Jon: Hi, everyone. This week’s progress is all the buzz!

That's the Bee's knees.

That’s the bee’s knees.

There are now hornets scattered throughout Terradim’s trees. They can be quite nasty if their nest is disturbed. 😉


Water Cave Additions

Some new secret doors, now, not so secret…?


Preview Of Cave Door

UI Progress
  • The Status menu has continued its transformation. Simple text panels have been separated (e.g. General info, attributes, & records). They have been re-ordered along with lots of small tweaks, font sizes, colors, and such.
  • The limb status view now has 2 separate toggle modes: Health & Armor. The Health selection will display your limb’s health, and the Armor selection will display your resistances for each limb based upon the armor worn.

Coming along, but still very much WIP. Icons are placeholder.

Bug Fixes & Misc Improvements
  • Returning to the title screen, quitting in-game, while underwater will now reset the music’s pitch.
  • Fixed issue where only equipped weapon’s damage values would display in the inventory item info panel.
  • Dialog text printing has been improved: now more consistent with varied framerates and speeds up while the ‘Interact’ or ‘Attack’ button is held.

We are approaching the end of the next version, for closed testing, although we are a little behind schedule. Afterwards, our next milestone will be the first public demo of The Arcane Relics™! It’s still a ways away, but we’re getting there.

We have also been working on our roadmap to determine what features and bugs we need to address before releasing a public demo. Once we flesh out this list more, we will finally put it up on our site. 🙂

Stay tuned!


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