Progress From May 29-June 4 : Signs of Labelling Regenerating Limbs

Andrew: Hello folks! Is it June already? Here we go-

The Signs Are Here


Signs of things to come! There’s now two new signs, that draw your eye – making you want to read their contents.

REgenerating Limbs

Crippled limbs will now recover over time! Previously, only by being revived or finishing an arena match could restore your limb’s crippled status.

Consuming a healing item will also speed up a crippled limb’s recovery. Once a crippled limb’s Health surpasses zero, the crippled effects will be removed.

More Ways to Sleep: Bedroll


Now, not only are there comfy beds, there’s bedrolls. And they expand when you sleep in them too!

Laying in a bed or sitting in a chair, will result in faster Stamina regeneration rates.

Laying in a bed will also gradually restore your Health (including limb’s Health), finally!

Labelling the world


Added a label display in the bottom-right corner. It displays the name of the current operable object (anything you can interact with) that you are looking at. All objects are not yet named, or setup correctly, so there’ll be some funny names until finished.

Miscellaneous Improvements


  • Added plaster wall texture to buildings, as seen above.
  • Improved the field entrance from the Homestead, adding ledges and etc.
  • The “Grim Reaper Scythe” now resides on your back when sheathed.
  • Added a sign on the Apothecary building in Town.
  • Hostile NPCs can now attack you, even if you are on horseback.
  • Smashing glass windows will now damage nearby characters.
  • Skintone is now displayed in the user select menu.
  • Added a ‘gore color’ console command. Gore color is saved in your character data too.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug with added effects. Added effects would not merge durations correctly when combined.
  • Fixed bug where framerate dives underwater would cause your air bar to refill.
  • Fixed a bug with generating attributes for NPCs. NPCs can have more variation in attributes now.
  • Fixed a bug with item loot shuffles. Certain item types should now appear less often.

That’s all folks! 🙂


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