Week of May 22-28 : New Overwhelming Windows & Hues

Andrew: How’s everybody doing? This is what we’ve been up to-

New Windows

These windows are on the top floor of all residential buildings in town. They allow you to see out in more directions, but cannot be opened.

Horse & Skin Tones

Horses now have random colors, so all horses are no longer white. And also, you can select a skin tone when creating your character!



We still need to separate the eyes from tinting…

TAR_Ragdoll1Overwhelming Forces

If an attack exceeds a certain “force value” (e.g. standing too close to an explosion), you will be knocked down as a ragdoll – even if your Health isn’t completely depleted. Strength increases this “force value” on your delivered attacks and decreases it from attacks received.

Weapon Trails

We’ve changed them, yet again! We’ve discovered a free asset and decided to investigate it. Here’s the results:


Courtesy of X-WeaponTrail by Shallway Studio on the Unity Asset Store

Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Music should now resume/play again after changing audio device (e.g. plugging a laptop into tv).
  • You will now be ejected from a mount when you ragdoll, not just by incapacitation. Previously when your head was crippled, you would get some funny results where you’d pop back on the horse after waking up/recovering.
  • Added settings to toggle blood on/off.
  • Decreased scaling of items’ size on quickslots, in single player.
  • Swapping weapons while sheathed, no longer causes them to pop back in your hand(s).
  • Sheathing/drawing weapons now causes quickslots to update.
  • Lights from hitting (from sparks), now fade out smoo-oooothly.

Have a good one, everyone!


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