Progress (May 15-21) : Settings & Spewage

Jon: Hey, everybody! This week –

  • Setup individual user profile settings saving & loading, for things such as look sensitivity and invert y look – essential for even a demo, I’d say. Previously, all players shared a single global settings file.
  • Setup some graphical options: toggling image effects (Bloom, Fog, SSAO, & Depth of Field), and refractions.
  • Added an ‘Erase all data’ button to the Title screen settings.
  • Title screen now uses a different settings prefab than the in-game version. There’s no need for an erase all data button in the middle of gameplay!

Damaged Entity Emissions (Spewage)
  • Pumpkins now emit orange juices not only when destroyed but when taking damage too!
  • Reworked system for damaged entity particle emissions. It’s now calculated on an object that’s taking damage vs. when a weapon lands a hit on the object’s collider. The object hit contains info specific to how emissions should look, such as color and size. This allows, for example, a pumpkin the ability to shoot out orange juices when taking hits and characters the color red, for blood. Another bonus, bat bites and bomb blasts will now cause particles to emit on damaged characters and props, unlike before.


We’ve setup refractions for water and windows! As mentioned earlier, they can be toggled on/off in settings if your computer is old, like ours.


Level Up Feedback

The blue background fades in and out, in game.

  • One thing we noticed when testing The Arcane Relics™ is how easy it can be to overlook the level up message. Currently, navigating through the status menu isn’t the easiest thing either, we have work to do there. Our current solution, a glowing panel that appears behind the in-game HUD when you can level up!

Towards the end of the week, I worked on setting up skin tone swapping in Character Creation and the next iteration of character textures. Andrew is working on a fancy new window. Still WIP, but getting better!

Minor Tweaks & Bug Fix
  • Egg item pickup sound is no longer a deep thud.
  • Setup most particles to only emit if the desired emission point is within a player’s view and is within a certain distance from the player’s camera.
  • Any liquid spew, aside from water splashes, such as a shattered potion or pumpkin hit (orange juice spew), will now cause some splat decals to appear.
  • Fixed bug where the crossbow would display the combined weight of itself and all your equipped ammo (bolts) for the stack weight.



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