Progress (May 1-7) : Armor Improvements

Jon: Hi all-

A lot of things in progress this week, but here’s what we have accomplished:

Armor Improvements
  • Finally setup armor pieces residing on the same limb to combine their protection values (e.g. pauldrons, bracers, and a shield for the same arm). Previously, only one armor piece per limb would add on to a limb’s overall protection… 😉
  • When taking a hit, all armor pieces on the hit limb will share the condition damage. This will result in slower condition degrading for a limb with more armor pieces.
  • An armor piece’s protection will now scale with its condition value. If you land a hit on a heavily armored opponent dealing no damage, don’t give up! The condition will keep lowering with each hit and you may find yourself inflicting some damage, eventually.

Town PRogress
TAR_Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 1.11.34 PM

Preview of some improvements in the town.

Further work has been done on the town and the surrounding scene, including the addition of a new mountain seen in the image on the right.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Camera zooms out a bit when mounting a horse.
  • Shields that reside on your back, are putaway, will no longer apply protection to your arm.
  • Fixed a camera bug that prevented the camera from zooming out when ragdolling.
  • Fixed bug again where items that were putaway/sheathed could be dropped due to the corresponding arm being crippled.
  • Lefties can finally use items in their offhand. They may be completely caught up to righties now?

Lastly, an update on the rabbits. Rabbits now have some basic AI, much like the chicken, and can be seen hopping around the outskirts of the town. We’d like to polish them up a little bit more before showing them in action.

Until next time.


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