Week of April 24-30 : Rabbit & Splatters

Jon: Hello there,

This week has been mostly, on my part, the seemingly never-ending process of code cleanup. For developers who have been following regularly, I will recommend not using the old Debug Wrapper method I mentioned in a post a while back.  Unity has included a fairly new logger, ILogger, which I am now using. I am setting up a logging system so game scripts don’t become dependent on the DebugUtility, but the DebugUtility will become dependent on the game scripts. Much better, in my opinion. I will share this when it is finished.

Anyway, here’s what we’ve completed this week:


TAR Rabbit Idle

• Terradim’s next creature, the bunny, is here and with some animations! I just have to setup some AI for this lil’ guy.

Potion Splatters

Splat texture courtesy of Gustav Hagerling from the Unity Asset Store

• Potions now splatter when thrown, and broken. Player’s can strike a potion and it will exude its contents, applying its effects to nearby characters. Also, if you use a potion to block an attack the potion can break, applying its effects on you and, most likely, the attacker – if close enough. We’ll probably decrease the size of the splash from a potion, as it is quite large…

Water Cave Ground


  • Andrew has done some work on the ol’ Water Cave, adding a gravel texture on the ground  in certain spots throughout the cave.

 Bug fixin’ & Improvements
  • Setup certain doors and windows to use animation for opening/closing them. As a result, they no longer flip backwards when being closed.
  • Improved block item priority. Offhand weapon, if one, is used over the dominant hand weapon for blocking unless it’s not a “real” weapon, like a potion.
  • Setup transitions in the character AnimatorTree between block animations. When swapping equipment while blocking (using quickslots or dropping an item due to crippling), you won’t have to release the block button to get the new animation to play (e.g. shield block to unarmed).
  • Increased stamina cost for punches. Righties can also punch with their left hand now. Started implementing some functionality for lefties that I never got around to doing yet…

I also started working on a tune for the town. It sounds quite amazing with fancy non-sampled MIDI instruments. 😛

Take care!


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