Week of April 3-9 : Hefting & Alchemy Progress

Jon: Hi all-

Another week, and we are slowly but surely working towards our Early Access release. Here’s what we’ve accomplished:


Continuing with improvements for hefting from last week, we added the following:

• Added a new pickup & pickup fail animation (WIP). When attempting to lift an object that’s too heavy (insufficient Strength), the pickup fail animation will play &, as you can imagine, the object will remain right where it was.

• Held objects now add onto your burden (decreases movement speed).

Lift_preview 01


More progress on the alchemy system, although we are still experimenting with how to do the effect combinations. Here’s what we’ve progressed on:

• Opposing elemental effects now cancel each other out, eg. Healing (Vita) & Health damage (Mort). It should now be impossible to create a mixture that heals you and damages you at the same time.

• Started implementing dormant elemental effects in ingredients. Dormant effects are effects that can become active by mixing with other ingredients. A consumed item’s dormant effects will not be applied to the consumer.

• You now receive a message, “Insufficient ingredients,” when attempting to use a Mortar & Pestle with less than 2 possible ingredients.

Some of this stuff may change in the future, as we are still trying to decide on a lot in Alchemy.

Misc Improvements & Bug Fixes

• Selecting the ‘Dump Items’ button in the inventory menu will now dump all of your items into a container, if looking inside one, as opposed to always dumping them on the ground.

• Added a weapon hit glass sound.

• Windows now have a graphic (glass chunk particle) when destroyed.

• Doors can now be destroyed, no destroy graphic yet.

• Damage popups now animate when they appear.

• Damage popup’s drop shadows now reset correctly. You should actually see the drop shadows behind the popups now.

• Damage popups now appear for any damage taken, except gradual every-frame damage like poison. Previously, certain damage values such as height damage would not spawn a damage popup.

Stamina damage popups now appear, when enabled, after any stamina exertion aside from every-frame depletions such as sprinting.

Stamina damage popups are now smaller than the normal damage popups (Health) and start disabled, by default.

• Repair tools can no longer be used (entering repair menu) when there’s nothing in your possession that can be repaired.

• Added an ‘evening’ console command.

Have a good weekend.


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