Progress (Week of Jan. 31-Feb. 6) : BlendShapes, Equipping, & Ragdolls. Oh My!

Jon: Greetings,

This week has mainly consisted of cleaning up and improving some previous functionality, although some new goodies have begun!

• A recreated Blend Shapes system to help reduce the amount of clipping between equip instances.

For blend shapes, we’ve setup the tunic, pants, and gambesons to morph based on equipped armor pieces. Take a look:



Well, it seems we missed some triangles on that left leg…


• Updated clothing bones to match character pivots and setup editor options to spawn different equip instances based on a character’s gender. Started making the female’s tunic equip instance (man shirt too big).

• Started overhaul of Dual-Wield equipping leading to:

 -Start of Arm Cripple Effects: Crippling an opponent’s arm may cause them to drop what they are holding in the corresponding hand! Currently, this consists of weapons, shields, or torches.

-Inventory UI now displays the equip ‘E’ on the side matching the equip hand. Equip hand is also shown in the item info panel.


-Quickslots now correspond to the relative hand (eg. left weapon slot for left hand) instead of the right slot always referring to the dominant-hand.

-Item save data now records what hand an item was equipped in.

• Ragdoll improvements:

Ragdollin' 01

-Previously, the last height you were located at when turning ragdoll would be the height you would return to when recovering. This would result in flying back in the air if knocked off a ledge.

-When flying airborne, you will remain in ragdoll until coming in contact with the ground. Previously, you would recover after a short time, wherever you were, even mid-flight.

• Bug fixes & Misc Improvements:

Unity Tip: Now using animatePhysics on character animators. As we are using triggers for our weapon collisions, we have noticed a significant improvement to the collision accuracy especially during lower frame rates. This makes sense since it shifts the animation updating to the physics update loop, which is frame-rate independent.

-Limb cripple HUD only displays when a limb is crippled now. Fades in when a limb is crippled, fades out when all crippled limbs are recovered.

-Single-player Heartbeat audio will now start to fade in when hitting 25% Health instead of 50%.

-Fixed bug (again?) where shoes would no longer lose condition from footsteps.

-Fixed bug where selecting the ‘Swap Hand’ action in the status menu as a Female character would not work.

-Disabled colliders on potion equip instances as they were incorrectly blocking incoming attacks.

-Lots of misc UI tweaks: more pronounced drop shadows, outlines, position tweaks, and larger font sizes. (See UI image above)

Have a great weekend and don’t forget, you can vote for us on Steam Greenlight. 😉


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