Progress (Week of Jan. 17-23) : Spectacles!

Jon: Hello everyone,

Here’s what we’ve worked on this past week.


What a spectacle!

• Character Progress:

-Added spectacles item!

-Hair color can now be selected when creating your character. NPCs receive random hair colors too.

-Female characters now have hands with fingers just like males.


• Chicken progress:

-Added feather particle

-New chicken animations squirm and startle

• UI adjustments:

MenuButtons 01

-Set up selected buttons to be more noticeable with animation (throbbing and tinting). Especially useful when using a controller.

-New button clicking sounds, page flips.

-Additionally, added a more subtle click sound on buttons when navigating, moving to a new selection.

• Misc:

-Added a bubble particle system.

-Added ambient light adjusting console commands:

‘ambient’ = toggles ambient light mode.

‘ambient adjust’ (r g b) = sets the color adjustment for the ambient light color.

-Edited blood particle system.

-Battled with our SVN setup. It works much better now.

• Bug Fixes:

-Fixed issue with certain NPC’s look directions. Their look vector would accidentally be set to zero and as a result, their ability to change look direction would be lost.

-Grand Arena cell and cage doors are now operable again. They are now prefabs like they should’ve been before.

-Constant particles will no longer continuously emit when the game is paused.

• And a screenshot:


Poor Basil…

Take care!


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